Enjoy Thanksgiving!

by Naveen Agarwal

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Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!

For this post, I decided to compile a list of tips and ideas for Thanksgiving from around the web. Enjoy!

  1. Good suggestions on how to include your toddler in the Thanksgiving festivities without putting too much pressure on them. Check out this post on swellbeing.
  2. Tips for traveling with kids from Simple Mom. I liked one in particular – high protein snack and cow milk having a sedative effect on young kids. I guess we will have to give it a try! Last month we traveled overseas with our twins. It was, by far, one of the most challenging experiences we have ever had. This was after a lot of planning, preparation and spending money on Triple Play Sit ‘n Stroll car-seat strollers. And yes, we had to buy two!
  3. Healthcastle.com has a few useful Healthy Holiday Eating Tips for Thanksgiving. It gives several ideas for low-fat substitution in Thanksgiving recipes.
  4. CNN.com has these healthy tips from “market to table”. I didn’t know that when eating in a group, we are likely to eat 44% more calories than if we were eating alone! Take a note of that if you are invited to a big Thanksgiving dinner.
  5. Check out these easy-to-remember  tips to safely handle and prepare stuffing from the USDA – Clean, Separate, Cook and Chill. A lot of it is common sense and good hygiene while preparing and cooking. Something new to keep in mind is to check the inside temperature of the stuffing if you are cooking it inside the turkey. It should be 165 0F. It may not reach this temperature even if the turkey is fully cooked.
  6. Another recent post from CNN.com offers these tips for a Thanksgiving on a tight budget. This is very timely given the current economy.
  7. If you are in the mood for some history about Thanksgiving and how cooking turkey became a tradition, check out this article published in the New York Times on November 27, 1895. The earliest record of Thanksgiving celebration goes back to a feast hosted by Gov. Bradford in 1621 after the first harvest of the colonists at Plymouth. According to the story, he sent four men out fowling right before the Thanksgiving day, and they brought back a “generous supply of plump wild turkeys”; which is how we have “immortalized the turkey of later days, making it our National Thanksgiving Day bird”. And by the way, Gov. Bradford’s feast lasted three days and it hosted the “greatest King Massaoyt” and 90 Indians. What a party! If you happen to beat that, let me know!!

Have fun, enjoy and be safe. Share your special story from this Thanksgiving.

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  • http://www.ihatemymessageboard.com Tracy

    Thanks for the tips! Happy Thanksgiving!

  • http://www.ihatemymessageboard.com Tracy

    Thanks for the tips! Happy Thanksgiving!

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