Global Toddlers – Marissa from Copenhagen, Denmark

by Naveen Agarwal

in Global Toddlers

It is not often that we hear from our fellow Americans living overseas. Here is a profile of Marissa from her Mom Casey who lives in Denmark.


Mom Casey
Mom’s Nationality American
Lives in Copenhagen, Denmark
Brothers/Sisters None
Favorite Foods Fruit – Bananas, grapes, canned pears and peaches, Gerber Diced Pears
Vegetables – Diced potatoes, peas
Cereal – Honey Graham Oh’s
Dairy Products – Vanilla Pediasure, ice cream, milkshakes
Meats – Jimmy Dean sausage patties, bacon, Peanut Butter
Snacks – Pretzels, graham cracker sticks, jelly beans
Fruit juice – Watered down Cran-grape
Vegetable juice – Never tried
Mom’s Favorite Recipe Farmer’s Breakfast Peel and dice potatoes. Cook potatoes and cut up bacon in olive oil until the potatoes are soft and the bacon is done. Add spices to taste. (Sorry not so detailed, my husband makes this.)
Nutritional Supplements Yes; Flintstone Sour Gummies Vitamins (not a food, but is guaranteed to eat it every day). Pediasure (3-4 bottles a day since she won’t eat food)
Mom’s top concerns Does not eat enough, Not on a regular eating schedule, Picky eater
Gets advice from
Books/magazines, Networking group
Question/advice for other moms/dads How do you increase a child’s appetite? Offer everything to your toddler. You never know what s/he will like. In our last city, we went to a potluck every Wednesday night. My daughter tried polenta, grilled vegetables, rice, all sorts of things which we then had success getting her to eat later. When trying to add calories, make every bite count. Add olive oil, butter, or cream to dishes. Add Carnation Instant Breakfast and/or Half and Half to whole milk.

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  • Tommy’s Mommy

    You can get Jimmy Dean’s sausage and Carnation instant bfast in Denmark?

  • Tommy’s Mommy

    You can get Jimmy Dean’s sausage and Carnation instant bfast in Denmark?

  • CommonGuy12

    Sorry, I am just now noticing this question. We had access to the American Military Commissary in Germany and that is how we got those foods.

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