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Nearly all toddlers are picky eaters. As if that is not enough of a challenge for parents, they also show irregular eating patterns. One day they might eat a lot, while another day it is only a few nibbles. This week, Registered Dietitian Alysa Bajenaru offers a few tips to help your little one develop regular eating habits.

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Question: Sometimes my son won’t eat for days, except nibbles – and other days he will eat like crazy. Is this normal and healthy? Should I enforce more regular eating patterns?


It is totally normal for a toddler’s eating habits to vary.  With that being said, here are some tips that may help bring more consistency to your toddler’s diet.

Plan Snack Times.  Many toddlers tend to “graze” all day on crackers, cereal and other snacks.  Make “snack time” an actual time when your son sits at the table and eats a quality snack.  Combining carbohydrates, protein and fat will help keep him satisfied until the next meal.  Examples are string cheese and applesauce, peanut butter and celery with raisins on top, cheese and crackers with some grapes, plain yogurt with strawberries and granola.

Watch Liquid Calories.  Offer milk (low-fat or fat-free after age 2) only at meal times.  Toddlers who drink juice or milk all day may be drinking too many calories to be hungry at meal times.  Offer water throughout the day and fresh fruit as part of meals and snacks instead of juice.

Involve your Toddler in Cooking and Meal Planning.  If you have the space to grow a garden, I highly recommend gardening with your kids.  From personal experience, my son will try anything that we have grown ourselves because he has a connection to the food.  If I brought the same item home from the grocery store, he might wrinkle his nose at it.  If you can’t plant a garden, involve your toddler in the grocery shopping by asking him to pick out fruits and vegetables that he wants to try.  Make it fun and exciting!  Invite your toddler to stand on a chair or sit on the counter while you prepare meals.  Let him help with age-appropriate tasks.  When kids are involved in the process, they feel a sense of accomplishment and are much more excited to eat.

Don’t Stress.  Toddlers are always changing.  Week to week, day by day, moment by moment.  If you are setting up healthy eating patterns for your son, there’s a good chance that he will still have days when he doesn’t eat well.  Don’t stress too much about it.  He will most likely make up for it the next day.

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  1. Great tips! My toddler always surprises me and tries new things out of the blue. The key for me is to offer often and not pressure her.

  2. My toddler often surprises me out of the blue and tries something new. The key for me is to offer often and not pressure her.

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