Global Toddlers – Lilly from Chicago, USA


Mom Jasmine Jafferali-Whitehead
Mom’s Nationality American
Lives in Chicago, USA
Brothers/Sisters None
Favorite Foods Fruit – Most fruits, strawberries, apples, peaches pears, pineapple, it varies, absolute favorite is avocado
Vegetables – sweet potatos, butternut squash, salsa, will eat onion, spinach when mixed in foods
Cereal – none really, not a cereal girl
Dairy Products – rice milk, almond milk, coconut milk yogurt, parmesean cheese on her foods
Meats – Applegate Farms chicken apple sausage, herbed turkey breast and turkey bologna, homemade turkey burgers
Snacks – hummus, snap pea crisps, coconut milk ice cream, guacamole
Fruit juice – none
Vegetable juice – none
Other – white beans, homemade smoothies, Amy’s lentil soup
Mom’s Favorite Recipe Butternut squash white bean soup boil squash with 4c veggie broth. Saute garlic, onion, celery, zucchini. Rinse and soak 2 cans of beans. Once squash softens, puree half with 1/2c beans to thicken it. Add 1tsp paprika, 1/2tsp cumin, grounded corriander, sea salt, pepper to taste. Add 1T apple cider vinegar, 2T orange juice. Add sauted veggies and beans. Takes 30-min
Nutritional Supplements Yes – Nordic Natural’s Children’s DHA, Rainbow Light vitamin powder, ChildLife Vitamin C, flax oil
Mom’s top concerns Does not eat enough, not enough fruits and veggies
Gets advice from
Question/advice for other moms/dads Be persistent and patient with kids and continue to offer new foods every day. Since their taste buds are changing every 10-15 days, it takes about that many tries for them to try or take to a new foods. Also, do not forget the importance of good fats for optimal brain development during this crucial time in their growth.

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