Poll Results: Use of Toddler Multivitamins

Slightly more than half of the 43 people who voted on my recent poll on multivitamins said they used a daily multivitamin supplement for their toddlers, and a majority of them preferred the gummies and chewable tablets instead of liquids or other forms. It seems like the use of multivitamins is a 50/50 shot – about half of the parents use them and the other half do not.

Here is the original question:

What kind of a daily multivitamin supplement do you use for your toddler?

  1. Chewable Tablets
  2. Gummies
  3. Liquid Drops
  4. Other
  5. Not giving

And here is a chart showing the complete results:


Most pediatricians and nutrition experts do not recommend the use of multivitamins as the first choice for meeting your toddler’s nutritional requirements. Rather, a balanced diet rich with different fruits and veggies is preferred. However, most parents of toddlers 2-5 years old struggle with picky eating habits and not enough fruits and veggies. So it is not surprising that the use of multivitamins is right around 50% even though you can find many different brands packed on the store shelves. It is also not a surprise that the most common types of multivitamins used are chewable tablets and gummies because that is what is usually available. Liquid multivitamins are better since they are more easily absorbed by the body but they are also more difficult to formulate and are usually more expensive. Here is a review of a liquid multivitamin formula based on herbal extracts and fruit juices.

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