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McDonald’s or Burger King?

photo credit: kodomut Hey guys! Let’s go get some breakfast. McDonald’s or Burger King? I was half amused, half shocked as I overheard this conversation at my physical therapy session this morning. My shoulder has been bothering me a little, which is why I have been going there for the last few weeks. This morning,

Forbidden Foods

photo credit: jbelluch Would you offer Cheetos® to your 1 year old? What about soda? I was at a birthday party this weekend where I noticed someone giving a small child a piece of Cheetos. The child clearly relished the taste as she licked away the last bits of cheese from her mom’s fingers. One

Ban TV Food Advertising to Reduce Childhood Obesity – Really?

By how much would limiting TV food advertising reduce childhood obesity? This is the question researchers from Netherlands and Australia asked in their recent article published in the European Journal of Public Health. TV food advertising has attracted considerable public scrutiny, especially from experts in nutrition and public health. There is a popular belief that