Thanks For Your Comments – Keep ’em Coming!

clap-for-commentsRecently, I published a post highlighting some of the great comments I have received from all of you. I got very good feedback so I decided to compile a few more interesting comments from the archives.

I am constantly inspired by your comments and I learn a lot from them. I want to say thanks to those who spend time reading my posts – some on a very regular basis – and leave a comment behind with some advice, helpful tips or a question for further research. Some of them have their own blogs, which I highly recommend you to visit whenever you get a chance.

Enjoy, and feel free to leave a comment of your own.

  1. In response to my post 5 things you need to know about growth charts, Jenna of Kidappeal wrote:
  2. Thanks for the research on growth charts. my pedi has never mentioned BMI for my kids at visits. perhaps that’s because it’s not a concern?? I do recall the nurse said the pedi likes weight % to be less than height %. it is good that you point out parents should look at data over time, my boys were not at the same percentiles at birth, 2y and for my oldest 4y. if you have any concerns at all about your child being overweight, the best thing to do is let them eat as much fruit, veggies, whole grains, legumes and lean protein as they want, but limit juice, other calorie drinks besides low fat milk (after age 2), refined grains and convenience/packaged food.

  3. When Kathy asked for advice on the Global Toddlers survey about how to “move on” from the milk bottle for her 2 yo son, TwinToddlersMom replied
  4. Kathy,
    We had similar problem with twins not giving up their bottle especially at night before they sleep. They were 22 months old and our pediatrician told us to go ” cold turkey ” about it. At that age, doctor believed that it is not good for teeth, even causes speech problems because of sucking habit. They were also asking more milk at the middle of the night. We did not have much sleep. Anyways, We had to do in 1 night, I first bought Elmo sippy cups and I asked them to throw their regular bottles in the trash can. They were both so excited about trying Elmo sippy cups they put their bottles to the garbage right away. First morning was Ok with Elmo sippy cups but then the night was very difficult, they cried about 20 min about asking bottles back. But bottles were gone
    ( well, not really, mommy kept them in storage, it is harder for mom than anyone else to accept that they are not babies anymore!) But we did not give in.

    After 3-4 night crying before sleep, they realized that bottles are not coming back. But they rejected milk afterwards, doctor told me it could happen but I could substitute with yogurt and cheese instead of milk. I think it was almost 1 or 2 months , I tried a few alternatives, because whenever I gave milk in sippy cups they said NO. Finally I found about liquid yogurts, I mixed them with milk (50:50), they like the shape of bottles and start drinking those with straws. Slowly, they were back to regular milk again. I did not give any chocolate milk but I tried the strawberry one. I tried to avoid the ones with a lot of sugar. Anyways, since summer, they are now 2.5, we do not use sippy cups anymore, they love colorful regular plastic cups that we bought from IKEA and they drink at least 1-2 cups of milk every day and some times we give orange juice with Ca and Vitamin D added (Tropicana Healthy Kids).

  5. When Dr. Ayala of Herbal Water offered useful tips in Help! My Kids Don’t Eat Enough Fruits and Vegetables, Nile shared her experience:
  6. I guess I had a good example when I was brought up, but for some reason my son did not pick up the same habit as both his father (my ex husband) and I bought a lot of fresh produce, even things from South and Latin America. However, we supplemented it with vitamins. Luis and I have been consistent despite no longer being married as we agree on a lot of things for Angel’s upbringing. We now ask him to at least try a bite of new foods before deciding to rule them out. So far that has been a success and he even asks for things like corn and apples.

    So, I guess I can say that your suggestions are a must do.

  7. Natalie of A Little of This, A Little of That shared her son’s favorite vitamin in response to my post 5 Reasons to Consider a Multivitamin Supplement:
  8. I have been giving my son a “gummy” vitamin for the past year and a half. He LOVES them. But he also loves fruit and vegetables. I have noticed a marked improvement in his health since starting the vitamins however. Other than well child check ups he has not had to visit a Dr in about a years time. We used to be there at least every other month or so for a cold or infection of some kind. He uses a chewable gummy vitamin, I am really not sure what brand, but it is Transformers shapes. the shape is VERY important to him.

  9. Half Pint Pixie shared this in response to Annie’s guest post Attachment Parenting and Toddler Nutrition:

Thanks for this! We are very slowly starting to wean, my daughter is 2 years & 3 months now, up until now I have been very confident knowing she is getting lots of goodness from nursing, but I find now that it is so easy to get caught up in the “what are they eating” hysteria which seems to get worse the more online (non-AP) info you read!

I found Carlos Gonzales’ book to be so reassuring and yes, I agree with watch your child, not the plate. I just have to stop eating her leftovers now

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