We just came back from another wonderful visit to the Magic Kingdom at Disney World! No doubt, the magic continues to delight and amaze thousands of visitors every day even though the lines are long and there is always something you don’t get to do before it is all over. We enjoyed the Halloween decorations everywhere in the park. The parade at night was absolutely fantastic; or shall we say “magical”!

There was, however, no magic in the kids menu which had the usual hot dogs, chicken nuggets, mac ‘ n cheese and french fries. In one of the restaurants, we found a packaged peanut butter jelly sandwich. Packaged apple slices, carrots and grapes were available as side items. Not surprisingly, soda was everywhere, although I am glad milk and bottled water were included in the dining plan! No shortage of sugary treats and salty snacks either.

If Disney wants to stay ahead of the curve, they must bring magic to the kids menu.

What do you think?

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  1. Definitely–especially, unlike a one-day visit to the zoo or a hotdog-dinner at a ballgame, most kids spend multiple days (even a week!) at Disney. Nice to hear about the carrots and milk, but would be great to see really innovative, healthy kid food. I’m sure parents would love it too.

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