Product Review – KiX Cereal From General Mills

The Kid Tested, Mother Approved® and made with All Natural corn messaging attracted my attention to try this cereal. I am always on the lookout for products we can try (and write about) that appear to offer a healthy nutrition to young kids. Although, it was really difficult to locate it on the shelf and I had to ask for help, I was determined to find it after I heard about it from a reader. I should add that until I came across this product, I had never tried Kix before even though it seems to have existed for over 70 years!

Here is what we like about this product –

  1. Only 3 g sugar in a 30 g serving (1 1/4 cup).
  2. 3 g dietary fiber, made with whole grain corn.
  3. Only 110 calories, 150 if you add 1/2 cup of skim milk.
  4. No saturated fat, no trans fat, no cholesterol.
  5. Added vitamins and minerals especially iron and vitamin D3.
  6. Good crunchy taste. The small corn balls captured the fancy of my son who made Mickey ears out of them! It makes a good finger food.

Here is what we don’t like about this product –

  1. Contains added salt, 1 serving has 190 mg or 8% of daily recommended value on a 2000 calorie diet.
  2. Contains trisodium phosphate – according to, it is used as a buffer, emulsifier, foaming agent, neutralizing agent, sequestrant, stabilizer, suspending agent and whipping agent. In short, it helps mix a lot of different things! The description on Wikipedia shows its use in cleaning agents, as a flux and a paint enhancer.
  3. The small corn balls, although fun and crunchy, are a choking hazard for young toddlers.
  4. Higher cost – boxed cereals, in general are expensive and we mostly buy them on sale. This particular product, although priced at the standard $3.99 contains a slightly lower weight than other similar sized cereals. The net effect is that you are paying a slightly higher amount.

I asked my followers on Twitter and Facebook what they thought about this product. Here are a couple of comments:

Rashmi Nigam @yumkid shared her own review of Kix as she agreed with the good taste:

We just tried Kix last week and reviewed it. It tastes quite yummy.

Registered dietitian Sarah Eastridge Hortman was also positive in her comment on facebook:

Kix is a really great choice. Kid friendly and nutritious without too much sugar! Kix is one of the top choices in my article on Top 8 Kid Friendly Cereals

Dr. Susan Robin @DrSuRu who prefers to serve cooked grain, eggs or dinner leftovers for breakfast, shared her opinion on cereals

My family & I stay away from boxed cereal for many reasons. Health, environment, economy to name a few.

Overall, I think that the best feature of this product is low sugar. A good alternative if you want to see some diversity on your cereal shelf.

Disclaimer – I have not received any sponsorship or free samples of product from General Mills for writing this review. For complete nutritional information and other products, visit Kix website.



  1. Puffed cereals like KIX contain acrylamides. This may be a new word to you and many of your readers, but once you do a little homework on it, you may change your mind about all those over priced puffed and flaked cereals.
    The food industry knows that acrylamides has the potential to be the next big “trans fat” or HFCS. That is why industry front groups like the IFIC Foundation are already producing “webinars” that confuse the issue. Similar to what they did with HFCS and GMOs

    By the way, its a pretty safe assumption that KIX are made from GMO corn. Unless the ingredients list Organic or GMO free corn, its a pretty safe bet that you are eating GMOs. A big and very questionable science experiment in my opinion.

    Last but not least, there is the glycemic index. A breakfast with puffed cereal will shoot blood sugar up in a short amount of time. Kids are unable to sit still, pay attention and learn when their blood sugar is riding up and down like a roller coaster.

    Our kids deserve real food. Ones that are good for the environment and are good for their health. Don’t ya think?

  2. Buzz Swanson

    As I write this, I have a bowl of KIX to my side. It seems to me, KIX has changed its flavor just recently. The balls seem smaller, less puffy, and more roasted. I like the old flavor better.

    • Acemusic954

      have any idea why they’re smaller? and i agree. its tastes nothing like it did back in the day. what is wrong with the world?!!!! lol

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